Senior Sessions


Presession Consultation

2 Hour Session | 2 Locations

3-4 Wardrobe Changes

Style Consultation (1 week prior to shoot)

Professional Makeup Artist Included



Email Consultation

60 Minute Session | 1 Location

1 – 2 Wardrobe Changes

Perfect for Guys

Optional Hair & Makeup (additional fee)


Pre-Session Consultation

We put special care and planning into each session to ensure that everyone has a fun and memorable day.

The session is all about the senior, which is why we like to meet our clients beforehand.   We get to see what their personality is like and this really helps us decide the best location for him/her.  We also think that it will be more comfortable for the senior because they have met us and we won’t be strangers to them.  During the consult meeting, we also talk about wardrobe and styles.  Mom & dad may have a different idea of what they want versus what the senior wants – so this is a great time to ensure everyone is heard and we design a plan or agenda of the session that makes everyone happy.

Reveal /Ordering Session

Approximately one week after the photo session, we will have your  reveal/ordering session.  We will reveal your amazing images with a custom-made video as well as your gallery in 4×6 printed proofs to make ordering simple.  That’s right, printed proofs! We prefer to have something physical for you to hold versus an online gallery.  This way, our clients can select the products that will best meet their needs and personal budgets. We will work together, to help you select the beautiful portrait art products that work best for you and your family.

We offer three different packages that offer a considerable savings over a la carte pricing. Our a la carte prices begin at $55 and our packages begin at $499. Social media digital files are included for any of the prints that you purchase.

Our goal is to build relationships that will last a life time.  We want us to be a part of each other’s family.  That may sound corny (hopefully not creepy) – but it’s genuinely true.  We want you to think of us and call us for every future family session, engagement, wedding, birthdays, parties etc.  It is important to us that we ensure a great experience and product for you to have for years to come.