Spokesmodel Team Search

Class of 2020/21 Spokesmodel Applications Now Open

I am now accepting applications for Veronica Adams Photography class of 2021 Spokesmodel Team, I am looking for energetic, friendly, outgoing, & stylish individuals who are interested in being part of a team and want to shine in front of the camera.





Be a part of a video shoot exclusively to my model team! Take part in a large number of fun photo shoots. Have access to VAP styling closet. Get a personalized phone app to share images from each shoot you participate in.


Join a team of seniors from other schools. Make connections that can last a lifetime and be a part of something unforgettable.


I will be organizing destination shoots with other talented photographers in other states and anyone in my team is invited. If you like to travel and visit new places, you’ll love this


  • Be featured in the MMXX VAP Video
  • Be a part of a number of fun stylized shoots throughout the year.
  • You will receive a phone app that include digital files of our shoots to share on your social media.
  • Your personalized senior session with makeup is included in this program.
  • Extended shooting time for your senior session.
  • A chance to be featured in various national photography blogs and magazines.
  • Opportunity to attend a variety of destination shoots to include digitals at no additional cost.
  • Potential to earn an unlimited amount of VAP print credit.

Being a spokesmodel for VAP is not about selling pictures to your friends. It’s about growing as a person, feeling comfortable in your own skin and celebrating what’s awesome about you. Through our time together, we’ll get to know each other, meet new people and make amazing memories.

You’ll be committing to multiple photoshoots with Veronica Adams Photography between March 2020 – December 2020.

To Qualify...

  • You must be outgoing, involved in school activities, of excellent character and active on social media.
  • You must be a 2021 upcoming graduate.
  • Agree to promote and share your pictures from VAP on social media.
  • Agree to be a part of a volunteer activity within the community with the rest of the VAP Team.
  • An initial fee of $199 will be collected to be an official 2021 VAP Spokesmodel Member. This will be used to cover expenses throughout the year. (See FAQ below for more info)
  • You and your parents must agree to promote only for VAP for your senior portraits from the time of acceptance through the entire 2020/2021 school year. 
  • You are not allowed to be a model of multiple photo studios. (This does not include yearbook photos, school team photos, etc).
  • Your parent or guardian must sign a model release, allowing VAP to use your images for advertising and promotional purposes.
  • Your senior session must be completed by September 30, 2020.

If you have a great attitude and enthusiasm, you’ll be a perfect team member. I have decided to make this exclusive to a limited number of guys and girls, so don’t wait to apply!

Ready to let your Senior Portrait Experience last all year long?

  • Shortly after applications are closed, those selected will receive an invitation to a kick-off meeting.
  • All invited must bring a parent to the meeting because we will provide everyone with complete information about the program as well as answer any questions.
  • We will have a mini-shoot at the kick-off meeting that will be used to announce my new VAP Models.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The model program itself is only $199. That fee goes toward expenses to make this a successful and fun experience. However, as a senior, you will be required to pay for your Signature Senior Session at the same time that you pay for the spokesmodel program. 

How does the “Junior Program” work?

I decided to take a smaller number of girls this year so I won’t technically have a junior program, however, if you are a 2022 graduate, you can be contacted when there are openings available for our shoots.  Simply reach out via email or DM me on IG.

Is there a min/max amount of times to participate in a shoot?

No. I know many of you are busy with jobs, sports, and school. I don’t want to add stress to your life. If you decide to attend one shoot or more, that’s fine with me. However, I do want to be fair and make sure that everyone gets a chance to participate in at least one, so I may ask you to assist with the shoot instead.

Do I have to purchase clothes for the shoots?

In the past I had put together a style closet that had a variety of clothes to use for our shoots.  However, it gets costly and takes up a lot of space.  So this year, I will ask the models to put outfits together and I will have items to complete the desired look.  It’s truly a team effort.

How much are the destination model shoots?

Free! You (and a guardian) will have to pay to travel to the location as well as lodging. Usually, other photographers will be a part of the shoot as well which is pretty cool because you’ll receive complimentary images from everyone.

How can I earn print credit?

For every new client you refer, you earn $50 in print credit or a gift card to a store of choice. I may also offer opportunities throughout our time together to earn additional credits.

Can I join if I already graduated or in c/o 2022?

At this time am only accepting class of 2021. However, follow me on social media because sometimes I do model calls that may apply to you.

I’ve never modeled before. Can I still apply?

Oh my gosh, yes!!! This is not for “professional” models. VAP is not a modeling agency. I will make you look and feel like a professional model though. I accept people of all shapes and sizes. This is about empowering your mind and soul.

If I apply to this now, can I change my mind later?

Yes of course. Once all applications are collected, I will have a kick-off event. You must bring a parent to the event because I want to meet you both to explain everything and answer all of your questions. You’ll get to meet me and where I live and also see some products. It is at this event that you will decide to join the team. A contract will be signed by you both and payment (payment is non-refundable) will be collected.